Fighters – USA




Bell XF-83 Grumman F7F Lockheed P-80  McDonnell FH-1
Bell XF-109 Grumman F7F-2N Lockheed EF-80 McDonnell XF2H
Boeing X-20 Grumman F7F-3N  Lockheed F-80 Trijet McDonnell F2H
Boeing 908 Grumman F7F-2D Lockheed T-33 McDonnell F2H-2N
Boeing X-32A Grumman F8F Bearcat Lockheed NT-33 McDonnell F2H-3
Boeing X-32B Grumman F8F Rare Bear Lockheed T2V McDonnell XF-85
Boeing F/A XX Grumman F9F Panther Boeing Skyfox McDonnell XF-88A
Cavalier F-51 Grumman F9F-5 Panther Lockheed F-94A McDonnell XF-88B
Convair XF-81 Grumman F9F Cougar Lockheed YF-94C early McDonnell XF3H
Convair XP-92 Grumman F9F-8 Cougar Lockheed YF-94C late McDonnell F3H
Convair XF-92 Grumman F9F-8T Cougar Lockheed F-94C McDonnell F-101
Convair F2Y Grumman F10F Lockheed YF-94D McDonnell F-101B
Convair YF-102 Grumman XF11F Lockheed XF-90 McDonnell F3H-G
Convair F-102 Grumman F11F short nose Lockheed F-104 McDonnell XF4H-1
Convair TF-102 Grumman F11F long nose Lockheed F-104B McDonnell F-4
Convair F-106 Grumman F11F-1F Lockheed NF-104A McDonnell F-4J
Convair F-106B Grumman 303E Lockheed YF-12 McDonnell F-4F
Curtiss XF15C low-tail Grumman F-14 Lockheed FDL-5   NEW McDonnell YF-4E CCV
Curtiss XF15C T-tail Grumman F-14 IMI Lockheed CL-1200 McDonnell Douglas F-15
Curtiss XF-87 Grumman X-29 Lockheed X-27 McDonnell Douglas F-15B
Douglas F3D   Lockheed XST McDonnell Douglas F-15E
Douglas F4D   Lockheed YF-117   NEW McDonnell D. F-15 STOL
Douglas F5D   Lockheed F-117 McDonnell D. F-15 Active
General Dynamics F-111   Lockheed Martin YF-22 M.D. F-15 Quiet Spike
General Dynamics F-111B   Lockheed Martin F-22 Boeing F-15SE
General Dynamics F-16   Lockheed Martin X-35 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18
General Dynamics F-16B   Lockheed Martin F-35A McDonnell Douglas F/A-18B
General Dynamics F-16 CCV   Lockheed Martin F-35B McDonnell D. F-18 HARV
General Dynamics F-16XL-1   Lockheed Martin F-35C Boeing F/A-18E
General Dynamics F-16XL-2     Boeing F/A-18F
General Dynamics F-16 VISTA      
Lockheed Martin F-16 DSI      
Lockheed Martin F-16E Block 60      
Lockheed Martin F-16F Block 60       
General Dynamics 218V      


  USA (V)   USA (VI)  
  North American P-51 Pulsejet   Piper PA-48  
  North American P-51 Ramjet   Republic F-84  
  North American P-51 Beguine   Republic XF-91  
  North American XR-51D   Republic XF-91 V-tail  
  North American P-51 Strega   Republic XF-91B  
  North American F-82   Republic YF-84F  
  North American F-82F   Republic F-84F  
  North American FJ-1   Republic YRF-84F  
  North American F-86   Republic XF-84H  
  North American F-86D   Republic F-105  
  North American TF-86   Republic F-105F  
  North American YF-93 (NACA inlet)   Republic XF-103  
  North American YF-93 (flush inlet)   Republic D-24 Aliance  
  North American FJ-2/3   Rockwell XFV-12  
  North American FJ-4   Rockwell Sabrebat  
  North American FJ-4F   Rockwell MBB X-31  
  North American F-100   Rockwell X-31 Quasi T.  
  North American F-100F   Ryan XF2R  
  North American F-100BI   USAF SHARC  
  North American F-107   Vought XF5U  
  North American XF-108   Vought F6U  
  North American NA-335   Vought XF7U-1  
  Northrop XP-79   Vought F7U-1  
  Northrop F-61 Ramjet   Vought F7U-3 early  
  Northrop XF-89   Vought F7U-3 late  
  Northrop F-89   Vought F7U-3 exp  
  Northrop N-102   Vought F-8  
  Northrop F-5A   Vought TF-8  
  Northrop F-5B   Vought XF8U-3  
  Northrop F-5E   LTV F-8 SCW  
  Northrop F-5F   Vought V-507  
  Northrop P-530      
  Northrop YF-17      
  Northrop F-20      
  Northrop XST   NEW      
  Northrop YF-23      
  Northrop F-5 SSBD      


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